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Personalized Pizza Box – Creative Ideas: Birthday Banner with Matching Pizza Box

Birthday’s and pizza seem synonymous. We can provide a Personalized Birthday Poster with a matching pizza box. It’s makes the birthday extra special.

We design and print the personalized birthday poster and then could take that artwork and adapt it to the pizza box for the “party”. So the artwork on the pizza box is personalized to the birthday person. Isn’t that cool?

If needed we would also put the logo from the pizza company on the box. You would have to purchase the pizza and transfer it to your personalized box.

 Here are some more ideas to add a personal touch to your parties:


  • Make your centerpiece stand out. Don’t limit yourself to flowers. Centerpieces can consist of anything that fits into the theme of the event. For visual interest, you can use a large glass bowl with goldfish swimming in it. You can cluster candles or float votives in water.
  • Create unique place cards that mean something to the guest of honor.
  • Decorate with a theme. Start by deciding on the colors and the theme. Is your mom a gardener? For instance, If you’re planning on a brunch for her birthday, decorate the room with flowers cut out of construction paper. Make a chocolate cake covered in flowers made out of candies.
  • For a romantic birthday , decorate with hearts. Buy a miniature tree. Ask your zoom guests to email something, add those on on a paper heart, and use these hearts to decorate the tree. Make garlands of hearts.
  • Make a party that’s all one color. For example, if the birthday boy/gal loves blue try stick to blue colour.
  • Party favors should be fun. Keep party favors in the same theme as the rest of the party.
  •  Don’t forget the cookies. Cookies can be very useful in personalizing a party, either as the dessert or as creative place cards.

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