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The Most Popular Invitation Printing Methods, Explained

Wedding Invitations Printing

Wedding invitations printing is one of the important aspects of wedding prep. As you start to research about the kind of invitations you want for your wedding, you will most likely come across several options and printing terms you are unfamiliar with. There are many printing techniques that are available. Digital printing is a very popular option among the many available.

Digital printing is most commonly known as “flat printing.” Digital printing gives you a lot of flexibility at the reasonable prices.

The process is very easy, files are sent directly to the digital printer and ink is printed flat onto the surface of the paper. Digital prints are crisp, sharp and clear. There is no limit to the kind of design or you want. You can be as creative as you like. There is no restriction of the colors or the kind of papers you wish to select. Another major advantage of digital printing is is that you can do small print runs.

Here’s a great article on the different kind of printing methods.

“When you start working on your save-the-dates and invitations, it quickly becomes apparent that there are a number of options for printing styles. With the exception of their varying price differences, it’s sometimes difficult to tell the difference between each. Here, we cover the most common printing techniques so you can decide which method best suits your needs and style.”

To learn more about the different kinds of printing options read more on Martha Stewart’s The Most Popular Invitation Printing Methods, Explained

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